Bad Taste Vs Confidence and Other Things in Atteline

When I applied for the position as Office Manager at Atteline I had no idea what I was signing myself up for, as frankly fashion is just not in my genes. I consider myself old fashioned (my colleagues say I am timeless!), so hiring a girl like me seemed a little farfetch! However, on acceptance of the position I plunged myself into the world of fashion and all my perceptions about the industry went out the window.

I realised that there is no such thing as “bad-taste” in Fashion, it's not solely dependant on if you have designer bags, shoes and clothes, rather it is how you wear your look with confidence and comfort. Confidence is the key. If you feel positive and confident in what you wear and who you are; you will surely enjoy yourself and be happy. Long story short I haven’t changed my style, I still wear my same old clothes but my perception about that changed big time! and I am happy to embrace my ‘timeless’ look.

I have now been working at Atteline for almost a year and it has been a real game changer.  I have stepped outside my comfort zone, opened my eyes and built relationships with a huge variety of people who have different beliefs, culture and background.

So what wisdom can I pass on?

Teamwork. Atteline is successful because of two things - communication and teamwork. At my previous employment I was on my own, so when I transferred to Atteline the dynamic changed. Here we work as a team and management make sure that everyone is connected to each other. Directors make sure that the team sit on the same table to make sure that everyone is properly assisted and all the task are delegated equally and no one is left out or behind.

Understanding how PR works. Obtaining new clients and keeping the ones that we have now. The company’s goal is to protect the brand, promote the clients that they truly believe in and work with them with pure honesty and dedication. Atteline keep the promises made with clients and media partners.

Treating each other as family. Like any other typical family, everyone has their own views and opinion on certain things (or many things!). Atteline is all about reaching out, talking to each other like normal siblings and always looking out for each other.

Freedom of expression. Say what you want, do what you mean. You have a good idea? Share it and we’ll work on it as a team. No favoritism and judgemental people.

I can honestly say that I am happy where I am now. I consider myself blessed and lucky having to work with talented, passionate and hard working people and calling Atteline as my Second Home :)

Matthew Watt