The Power of Content

In a crowded market with everyone trying to be heard, it can be one defining moment that propels a brand forward. More and more, brands are going above and beyond to create unforgettable “bites” that allow for them to stand out to consumers who are continually inundated with ads and promotions. But it can take one killer idea and all can change overnight. As was seen in 2012 with, one comical video changed history for the company, with the video spurring 12,000 people to sign up to its services in the first 48 hours, 4.7 million views of the video in the first three months (now at over 25 million views), and in 2017, it was acquired for one billion dollars by global conglomerate, Unilever. One video was all it took to turn this small time razor distributor into a global phenomenon.

So how did they do it? It was all about creating a brand that spoke to its audience, was authentic, and emotionally connected to the viewer. Simply put, it was great content. Your voice as a brand is your strongest tool when creating a relationship with consumers. Making yourself relatable creates a bond which people buy into you. People are fickle and easily distracted, with the continual craving for instant gratification and wanting to be entertained by the next big thing (or meme). Create your voice that speaks to the market and then engages with them frequently. There are a multitude of channels in which this is possible, both online and offline: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, newspapers, magazines, the list goes on, and so does the means in which to present your company to the consumer. Chose platforms that best fit your brand and build your reputation with one post or article at a time.

As was seen with, the best ideas come from thinking outside the box. It is all well and good if you took the time to write a really in-depth piece explaining all the good things about the brand, but if nobody notices, it was a waste of time. Be adventurous, be daring, take risks with your content; this is what people remember. It only takes one well-executed idea to find branding success, so go for it. Haven’t seen the video? Watch it here.

Matthew Watt