How to be Braver?

Look for your ‘ledge’

What’s one thing that you’re most afraid of doing, but that would make a major difference? That’s your ledge. It could be changing career or calling time on an unaligned relationship. Identifying your ledge is the first step in seeing where you’re stuck.

Take your own advice

If you’re debating what to do when faced with a scary challenge or opportunity, ask yourself what advice you would give someone else in that situation.

Learn to mentally time-travel

Psychologist Adam Grant says that mentally fast-forwarding 10 years will help you detach from the immediate consequences of doing something brave, and give more perspective. What’s worse - the sting of failing or wondering what might have been?

Take a daily bravery challenge

Bravery is like a muscle - the more you work it, the stronger it becomes. Small, frequent acts of bravery will set you up to survive the bigger challenges life throws at you.

Prioritise your well-being

Every woman I know is exhausted. But it’s near impossible to say no, even when depleted. So get enough sleep, carve out some me-time and don’t say you’re too busy to go to the doctors when you’re ill.

Matthew Watt